Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last sunday went to help up xiao loong at flea market from 8am until 8pm dam tired lor. Only earned $48,some more got 4 people help so each people only $12. Wa lao his sister and brother never help much lor but the mother said they also should have $ but next month i open my own so don't need to share money liao.

Today dam unlucky PE time got 1 bloody fucker from 1e2 make me fell down laio never said sorry but run away the father and mother never teach him arh

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today very lucky played blackjack won chee hao $7.50 but gave him discount to $5, won dylan $1.50 but he want a discount of $0.50 and won glenn $2. Sian later still got tution and tomorrow got science test

Monday, July 27, 2009

Today quiet lucky played blackjack in school won $2.50 but i don't understand why when i 'chop' the deck,almost of the time is other people who has good cards not me. Wa lao just now Dylan chopped the for a few times but only the banker,Chee Hao,wins but nvm because i only played 50cents but Dylan played until very big until he owed Chee Hao $80. Chee Hao kept giving him discount, but Dylan said that he want to continue because the did not believe that he was so unlucky so he continued but luckily before we goes he clear his debit.

After that we went to the market near our school to eat nasi lemak and Dylan treated us soya bean then go back home. Reach home at 5+ then don't know why so tired so wanted to sleep until 6.30 then go down play but slept until 9. Sian later need to do chinese hw and tomorrow got geo test so now need go study.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yesterday very fun, went with chee hao to do CIP at Ang Mo Kio until 6pm. Then went with chee hao to eat at sumo house. Then my mother called me and tell me that she bring my sister to AMK Hub to play arcade.Now going to Orchard to find my mother then go City Hall to buy new bag...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

today not so boring in school Brian very funny. After school play blackjack lose until $2 I almost BROKE!!!
I just came back from AMK HUB to buy the whipped cream and birthday cake, WA LAO total $50+!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today quite sad, because today my birthday but most of the people that I invited only a few came..

But lucky the pizza that i made was just enough pizza for the party and the people who ate my pizza kept asking me what is my company's name. They also ask my sister what his her company's name because all the people said that her lapis sagu very nice.

I wish that I can get a new In-line Stakes for my birthday from my parents.

Friday, July 17, 2009

today so stupid day we actually wan to go watch movie to celebrate birthday but Kevin and Dylan say no $ so never go. I wish that on sunday anything bad will happen so that i can celebrate with my family.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today not so boring because of the maths com but not enough time to do all the questions.....

I so stupid ,i should not submit 1st,I still got 53sec at last can anyhow put answer for the last 11 questions.....

The best only got 16/40 but I got only 14/40 if i any how put answer for the last 11 questions i may have got more then 16/40 ..... 


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today so boring after school still need go maths class,the teacher want to go througth (All Singapore NA NT Competition Trail Run Question 2009) worksheet.....

After I went my grandmother house until 6.20+ my father came to my grandmother's house to pick me up back home then go tution so boring whole day so many maths. My head going to burst!!! 

Monday, July 6, 2009

Yesterday not so boring, my mother brought my sis and me to sentosa to play. We took the circle line train to serangoon and took the purple line to vivo, then took the sentosa train to sentosa.....

We drop down at the beach station to play the skyride and luge,the skyride was fun but my sis scared like hell. After taking the skyride we can choose to take the skyride back down the hill or the luge but we choose the luge i ride very fast but my sis went very slow when she reach to the bottom we wait for about 20mins for my mother and my another sis to reach the bottom,so boring wait for them and while we were waiting about 30 people have reach the bottom of the hill.

After that we went the to buy the tickets for the 4D movies : Extreme Log Ride. The tickets damm expensive adult $18, child $11 but the show last for 10 mins preshow n 15 mins for the 4D show but the show was a very nice show but too fast end.

After the moive it was rian so we took the bus back to vivo to have dinner at a japanese restaurant where my mother worked there to have dinner. After having dinner I wan to find a shoe shop in vivo i spent about 1 hr find the shop but the shop was the one that i always past by!!